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Bungo Teppanyaki Tekkan

Our shop is a Japanese restaurant that offers the Japanese food with the course menu and à la carte.
We need peace of mind, safety, and delicious cuisine to our customers so it is essential to the maintenance of cleaning and satellite environment in our restaurant.
However, it does not easy to polish and clean everywhere and every corner of the restaurant easily, including the kitchen.
Our restaurant make regularly cleaning and pest control, but after the extermination pests are really not out hygiene.
Accordingly, our best supporter for our problem and help us enthusiastically is TOBU.
It is natural to ensure people, their own health management, but our restaurant can devote to our customers with the service of peace of mind as a restaurant by using a complementary manner TOBU’s.
The restaurant was also to receive TOFU cleaning service before the restaurant open, but also it was beautifully finished with careful work. Also thank you very much from now on.