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CEO Message

Just in June 2014 of two years ago, TOBU began operations in Yangon. In Myanmar there is no cleaning service ,as a result of my own thought that I decided to found a TOBU company, and I intended Myanmar people to the day-to-day comfort to live and quiet peaceful in Myanmar lifestyle. At this time, I started with only one truck, one polisher and five staffs. Two years later, develop into many of the staff and cooperation with clients, now our dreams come true. Our slogan is 'Changing the Myanmar from the bottom'. Our service is responsible for the feet of the everyone and footprints to be clean so this job is unpleasant job. However, From now by changing, We believe that Myanmar will change so that we trust it and make cleaning today. Original intention penetration, we aim to do with the good in Japanese quality with Myanma price in the future. Thank you look forward to cooperate with us and thank your support in the future.

CEO Watanabe, Tsuyoshi

Company Profile

Company Name
TOBU Co.,Ltd
Head Office Address
No.34,Hmanyaway St.,Sayasan N/E,Bahan Tsp,Yangon, Myanmar.
Branch Office Address
Za-16, Ziwaka-Zaydan, Thiri-Mandai Street,Pobbathiri Tsp,(Near San Chain Hotel),Naypyidaw
US $260,000
01 Apri 2014
CEO - MR.Tsuyoshi Watanabe 
Managing Director - MR.TUN TUN OO
Manager - MR.Teruo Nakajima
Parent Company
Japan Total Management Co.,Ltd
Relevance Company
TOBU Japan Co.,Ltd
Myanmar Incubation Service Co.,Ltd
Number of Employee
87 employees(2016/05/)
Type of Business
Building Management

Our Customers

  • KMA Group
  • NINE Group
  • Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development
  • KDDI Myanmar
  • JOTUN Myanmar
  • Yangon International Hotel
  • Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Leo Palace 21….. etc.