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Cleaning Business

People make and clean space for people.There,they pursuit quality.

Space where people gather and spend their time, requires to be comfortable
Our cleaning service is supported by the industry-leading work system to provide
the needs of the diverse day-to-day cleaning and beautification of the places.
The superior Environmental Qualities has been maintaining by building and
interconnecting the latest equipments and arrangements.
In addition,each department has a team leader to provide
the increasingly fragmented needs of the customers with a close business relationship.
We are offering trainings short-term workshops effectively
for the creation of all time high quality environment.

Cleaning management business

  • Floor,Celling & Wall
  • Toilet, Bathroom
  • Kitchen Relation & Air Conditioning
  • Blinder, Lighting Fixtures
  • Elevator, Escalator
  • Exterior wall, Windows glass sash
  • Roof Floor
  • Building around the outside(Planting Management)
  • House Cleaning
  • Cleaning after construction work
  • Hotels, Housekeeping

Kind to people, gently to Earth


Cleaning Services

Moving Business

Our moving service support to move smoothly & comfortable.

Detail check, cleaning of the place to protect for Prevention and
Control of Infections, packing with cardboard,
lift with truck that like Myanmar traditional house moving style
we move your goods and furniture and help you plan a smooth transition.
TOBU Moving Service offers all inclusive services with Truth ,
Safety, Secure are avaliable now.

Moving management business

  • House Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Packing Calculator
  • Helpful tools
  • Move Planner

Smoothly & Comfortable Moving


Moving Services

Security Business

providing accurate human resources, secure and sophisticated security system

Fashion and office buildings, where many people gather
Public properties like hotels and cinemas where an unspecified number of people enter and exit
Properties with important confidentiality such as factories and laboratories
Tobu provides various facilities to protect human beings, goods, cash, and the information.
In addition, the major feature of our company is to provide a personalized service
which corresponds to the changes in society and contemporary situations.
By responding to the general enquiries and giving guidance to the customers,
we consider building close-relationship with our customers important.

Security management business

  • Facility Security
    ( 24 Hours Services )
  • Hustle & Bustle Security
    ( Traffic Guidance )
    ( Entrance & Exit Management )
  • Transportation induction
    ( Vehicle Guidance  )
    ( Guarded Parking )
  • Parking Lot Business
  • Accepted Guidance Business
    (  Reception & Guide Business Accepted  )

In mind to protect the one you love.


Security Services

Pest Control Business

Our pest control service help you to protect from the pests problems.

In Myanmar's daily life, fly, mosquito, cockroach,
mite, rat, termite such as the pests are directly threaten the human body and
annoys the human, therefore they are capable of wrecking the entire household.
Tobu Pest Control Services is one of the most trusted service provider
for almost any kind of pest problems,
we use pesticide that no side affect on human to explusion and exterminate the pests.
So, When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home from future invaders,
although your family who have infant can contact with our service by relief and believe.

Past Control business

  • House Pest Control Services
  • Office Pest Control Services
  • Environmental Pest Control Services

Safe to people, clean to Earth


Pest Control Services